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Capgemini reveals its new brand identity

Our new brand identity expresses our unique character, which combines business strengths with a sense of humanity that determine how we address the whole breadth of our clients’ business challenges, to enable their ambition in the digital world. This new identity embodies our vision that the business value of technology comes from and through people.


“What was important to us was to reflect our uniqueness in the market, be loyal to our history and values, and express our humanity more strongly. We are in a people business, and it is through the relationships built externally with our clients and partners as well as inside our organization that we have been successful.”  Paul Hermelin, Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Three fundamental and differentiating points inspired our new brand identity that reflects what makes us unique; our strengths as a business, and who we are as people:

Dynamism: because we are adaptive, agile, always in motion, constantly learning and adapting. We are open to and constantly adapt and master the latest innovations, the future in technology and business. And we have made sure this freshness shines through our new identity.

 Precision: our focus means that accuracy is vital for us and for our clients – smart, sharp, crisp and clean in a complex world – simply said, trusted and reliable. Precise in grasping client challenges and precise in delivering them the right solution based on our commitments. It is this promise of precision that influences our visual thinking.

People: we succeed because we work collaboratively, because we take time to understand what our clients need. Some do it for them, some do it to them, we take pride in doing it with them; implying that not just our technological expertise but also our sense of humanity and integrity are palpable and now reflected in how we look.

We believe these are three key factors for our client successes. These three points of inspiration have led to how we have updated our visual identity:


Q&A with Virginie Regis, Chief Marketing Officer

Why did Capgemini decide to change its brand identity? 

We refreshed our logo 13 years ago. A lot has changed since then and not just the size, shape and scope of our business – the entire market has shifted. In this land mark year where we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we decided to challenge the way we look and express ourselves in response to these changes. And in assessing our brand, we felt that there was too big of a gap between what we do and how we look. We wanted to look of today and, more importantly, reflect who we are: a global leader in our market with a unique character.

What was the objective of this change?

The objective was to project our strengths as a business, and who we are as people. We want to express our difference and uniqueness upon first sight in a crowded space, both to the market and our clients as well as to our world class talent. With this move, we are making a strong investment in Capgemini future as first and foremost it is here to support our business ambition.

What elements of the brand have changed?

First, our Spade. We love our Spade. It has been our iconic symbol forever, chosen because the ace of spade is traditionally the highest value in a deck of playing cards. It has evolved to reflect the world in which we now live and work – flexible, fluid, dynamic – exhibiting a sense of positive energy. It will be used to reveal different sides of us, including our sharp points of precision – the precision our clients need from us.

We’ve also introduced a new handcrafted wordmark of our name, humanizing our brand.

At the core of our company is the vision of our founder Serge Kampf: “Technology is nothing without the people behind it”. It is this belief, that we all share at Capgemini, that we wanted to bring forward. The design of our wordmark is directly inspired by the handwriting of our founder, Serge Kampf.  Our brand becomes a signature, a sign of our commitment to our clients.

We are convinced that expressing our vision, and therefore humanizing our name is particularly relevant and differentiating in this increasingly digital environment. More than ever, our new identity embodies our slogan: “People matter, results count”.

Finally, our colors. Blue has always meant a lot to us, so we’re keeping it and making it more vibrant and introducing new shades. Our darker blue represents the depth of our heritage and where we have come from. It shows that we’re dependable. That clients can trust us. The lighter blue represents the new world, the future we are making together. That we’re inspiring, energetic, invigorating and free-thinking. The blues won’t live alone, of course – we’ll draw on more vibrant colors to bring this new fresh world to life.

Beyond the evolution of these 3 legacy branding elements, we worked on creating a full new brand experience, unique and looking of today covering from imagery to genuine sound identity.

A human and innovative identity

Our identity is one that demonstrates that we are agile and in motion – in the business of helping our clients transform themselves and deliver new experiences to their customers. It will sustain us and last into the future, as it is inspired by our humanity as well as our technology  expertise. It encompasses our global teams in one shared corporate brand, delivering for our clients’ success in the digital world.


Thank you to our branding partners:

Visual Identity: BrandPie

Audio Identity : Start-Rec