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Kallio Software selects Capgemini to help transform benefit management in Finland

The new platform will unify three funds onto one system helping to significantly accelerate handling times for almost a million benefit recipients

15 May 2024

Helsinki, May 15 – Capgemini today announced that it has signed a new agreement with Kallio Software to develop a unified benefit management system to support nearly a million unemployment benefit recipients in Finland. This new platform is designed to make the handling of benefit application processes faster and more customer-centric for improved customer experience.

Kallio Software is an entity fully owned by three of the biggest unemployment funds[1] in Finland. Its purpose is to provide a benefit management system, integrated public portal, and case management system that enable unified processing and faster handling times of unemployment benefit applications. This is to ensure that members seeking unemployment allowances receive funds without unnecessary delays. As part of this project, Capgemini will help reimagine and transform existing conventions of the unemployment benefit industry in Finland by building a mutual system where members[2] will benefit from the three funds joining hands for the first time. Additional unemployment funds can also be integrated into this new system at a later stage, ensuring it can be scaled for greater business and customer value. Each unemployment fund will continue to own its data, but the functionalities of the benefit management system will be common to all.

Capgemini was selected as the main partner to lead the transformation following a public tender process, in which it achieved the highest score in quality and cost efficiency. The development of this platform is estimated to take two years, before it can be deployed.

Erkki Jurvansuu, CEO of Kallio Software said, “The deployment of the upcoming benefit management system will secure a unified, effective, and reliable platform for its users and impact the livelihood of unemployment compensation seekers in a positive way. I’m confident that Capgemini’s customized solution is a good fit for the purpose, along with its expert capabilities and global delivery model, making them the right strategic partner to realize our vision.

Mikko Misukka, Managing Director of Capgemini in Finland said, “We are pleased to partner with Kallio Software on their digital transformation journey and contribute to society through this project. This new unified benefit management system will provide a smoother experience to the unemployment benefit seekers and help them get access to the required funds much faster, thanks to an expedited handling process and seamless information flows enabled by the system.

In addition to encouraging new ways of working, this new platform will also allow centralized updates and management and will be customized as per the needs of the individual funds. This way the benefit management system can be scaled to adapt to rapidly evolving situations, whenever the operating environment or the requirements of the handling processes change due to legislative updates.

The right tools and Capgemini’s global capabilities in the areas of process automation and modern, distributed architecture are central to achieving the goals for the benefit management system and the overall transformation project. Capgemini will be responsible for process automation and the implementation of real-time integrations from third-party systems, which will contribute to smooth information flows. This will also speed up handling processes of the benefit applications, especially when the volumes of the transactions are high and involve cross-checking data from various sources owned by different public entities. Upon testing the system, Capgemini will use test data generated by artificial intelligence to avoid compromising actual personal data.

[1] Three of the biggest unemployment funds are: Avoin työttömyyskassa (A-kassa), Korkeasti koulutettujen työttömyyskassa (KOKO) and YTK Työttömyyskassa.

[2] The members of the three founding unemployment funds are equivalent to nearly a third of the overall workforce in Finland comprising of a number of individuals employed (2,626,000) and unemployed (195,000). The numbers are based on a study by Statistics Finland: Työvoimatutkimus heinäkuussa 2023.