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Lab as a Service – Testing & Validation

Enabling you to focus on core business and innovation

Join us for a webinar on June 22nd, together with Agilent, a global leader in diagnostics, life sciences, testing, and more.

Is your innovation being constrained because skilled resources are tied up on non-core activities? Can you justify increasing development, tools, and infrastructure costs in the face of growing budgetary pressures?

We will explore the value of moving to as-a-service models for testing and non-core activities. Discover how it creates a more dynamic environment for core IP activities, such as innovation and product development.

Hear Henrik Andersen, Director of Software Development in Agilent’s Pathology Division, as he shares how the business has transformed its verification and validation strategy for both new and legacy cancer diagnostic system.

The virtual session will describe an as-a-service model for lab environments, software and system testing, and other non-core functions, such as blood sample analysis and regulatory correspondence.

The session will demonstrate three key areas of value:

  • Innovation through knowledge sharing within the lab environment and by giving in-house experts the time needed to focus on R&D, as well as freeing up vital funds to invest back into innovation.
  • Scalability and speed to market enabled by use of a lab infrastructure set up to scale as needed, rather than in-house labs sitting idle for much of the time, and by the availability of agile, experienced resources ready to work on new projects.
  • Cost efficiency with no infrastructure CAPEX, the use of tools & technology orchestrated within the lab, and a reduction in costly errors through early defects detection.

Meet the presenters

Henrik Andersen
Director of Software Development
Pathology Division Agilent
Carsten Berg Kjeldsen
Head of Engineering
Capgemini Denmark
Dimple Tandel
Senior Manager, Project
Management, Life Sciences

We look forward to you joining this 45 minute LinkedIn Live Webinar at 13.00 CET on June 22nd as we share insights into the value derived from taking non-core activity away from in-house teams in the Life Sciences sector.