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Client story

FARYS introduces SAP S/4HANA to create a fully digital core

Client: FARYS
Region: Belgium
Industry: Energy & utilities

By working with Capgemini, FARYS executes an ambitious digital transformation that builds a digital core with the SAP S/4HANA and the Business Technology platforms

Client Challenge: FARYS wanted to undergo a digital transformation in order to become more efficient, lower costs, and expand the ways in which it could expand the business and engage with its customers

Solution: Working with Capgemini and SAP, FARYS implemented the SAP S/4HANA® ERP platform and future-proofed the SAP Business Technology platform

-Lower costs resulting in greater overall efficiency
-Greater access to technologies such as smart meters and mobile applications
-More insight and visibility into business
-More flexibility thanks to new tools and an online portal

The Energy & Utilities (EUC) industry has always demanded extremely rapid innovation and adaptation. FARYS, which provides a wide range of EUC services within the Flanders region in Belgium, has long possessed this drive within the DNA of its organization. This most recently manifested in a digital transformation effort meant to introduce the SAP S/4HANA® ERP and Business Technology platforms within its business. By doing so, FARYS intended to become more efficient and improve its ability to expand and reach its numerous customers.

The business partnered with Capgemini and SAP to develop a transformation roadmap and execute the project. Together, the partners ensured that the new technology was put in place smoothly and supported FARYS’s overarching vision. Now, the business is running nearly all of its services on SAP S/4HANA®. With the new platform and the variety of tools that it enabled, such as smart meters, mobile applications, and a customer-facing portal, FARYS has managed to become more efficient, deliver a more standardized user experience, and gain enterprise-wide insight that can help guide critical business decisions.

In light of the ongoing COVID crisis, the critical nature of digital transformation within the EUC industry has become increasingly clear as companies have scrambled to deliver essential services without disruption. Thanks to the innovative spirit built into FARYS’s heart, its shift to a fully digital core has made it well-prepared for the current period of unprecedented challenge as well as the future. Building off of their long-running history, FARYS, Capgemini, and SAP will continue to find ways to remain on the forefront of innovation and provide optimal services to customers throughout the Flanders region.

To learn more about the story, please read the case study or listen to the podcast featuring Inge Opreel, the CIO at FARYS, and Kevin de Wilde, a Capgemini SAP and Utilities Sector expert.