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Customer first

 The anatomy of a great CDP AND HOW TO SELECT IT 

Customer Experience is the new battleground and brands are fighting it out to deliver compelling experiences to the customers.

To achieve this, it’s important to break the data silos, organization silos and experience silos. Connecting your data is your brand’s secret weapon. The age old ‘push’ strategy is not enough to cut-through in this digital and customer-obsessed world. We all know today’s customer experience is not meeting the expectations of the modern customer regarding receiving personalized and contextualized experiences.

With the shift to online customer interactions, organisations are now able to collect more data than ever before. But what are they doing with this data they are collecting? Connecting your data helps identify how different data elements relate to each other and it helps you run a more efficient business with a sustainable competitive advantage.

“55% of organizations say it is difficult to integrate user experiences”

A one-of-its-kind solution to get to this data eutopia is implementing Capgemini’s Customer Data Platform (CDP). At Capgemini, we believe that making CDPs an integral part of your CX strategy puts you on the right track – this belief is backed up by research from the Learning Experience Alliance (formerly MarTech Alliance) which tells us that 73% of the surveyed companies stated that a CDP will be crucial in meeting the customer’s (customized) personalized experiences.