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Talking software-driven transformation with Capgemini experts

As software takes center stage, everything in automotive is about to change

As software migrates from the periphery of vehicles to the centerpiece, the value chain is evolving at every stage. From design and manufacture to sales and ownership, the software-centric approach offers immense value to automotive leaders – if they know how to find it. How can OEMs take the lead in this new era? We answer that in our new CRI report: Next Destination: Software — How automotive OEMs can harness the potential of software-driven transformation, released September 8th.

The report was released just after our appearance at the Munich IAA Mobility conference, in which we presented our expertise on software-driven transformation (SDT). 

Capgemini also interviewed ten experts from across the Capgemini organization, gaining multiple perspectives on key aspects of SDT. Their responses, detailed below, provide useful and practical insights for automotive leaders to leverage in advancing their own SDT strategies, while also showcasing Capgemini’s unique expertise in this field.

They discuss such topics as:

  • the added value of becoming software-first
  • software as the new strategic imperative
  • opportunities for driving market differentiation
  • new challenges facing leadership with a data-driven agenda
  • plus multiple other insights

To learn more about the central role of digital in the new era in mobility, read our research report, dive into the point of view summarizing the 10 interview and  watch the expert interviews below. Each one will provide you with a unique perspective on the exciting changes within the Automotive industry.