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Data and AI

Power up your ESG solutions with collaborative data ecosystems (CDE)

Building an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Collaborative Data Ecosystem on the Snowflake Financial Services Data Cloud can provide a single source of truth for ESG information

The collaborative data-sharing concept can be used to shape cloud-based platforms that bring together data from a wide range of internal and external sources to power an integrated suite of ESG-related applications. This platform can give financial services companies a comprehensive and flexible set of ESG capabilities in one place, eliminating the need to piece together disparate data and various applications.

No company can determine its ESG impact without taking into account the full lifecycle of its products and services; only through engaging with an ESG CDE can the true picture be created and used as the basis for prediction.

Read our latest POV to learn more about how a cloud-based ESG platform can:

  • Enable financial institutions to measure and manage their own ESG solutions marketplace and compliance risk.
  • Allow for the selection of sustainability-focused supply chain partners, make operational improvements to reduce carbon footprints, and build ESG-friendly brands.
  • Open the door to the creation of new ESG-related products and services for customers, including personalized ESG investing tools for private investors.