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Intelligent support & services


With all and every product connected digitally, support and service departments will move from being cost centers to customer experience ambassadors and revenue generators, with data driven services connected to the ongoing use of a product rather than product ownership.

Capgemini engineering helps its clients in capturing this opportunity by modernizing, rolling out and operating services & support associated to their new generation of products. This includes software product configuration, and integration in live operational environment using new generation software solutions. We provide product support & managed services to enable continuous improvement in customer experience.

Digitization and the ever growing data traffic require new strategies and solutions to test, validate networks and launch new applications with fast time to market.

Big Data, Analytics and the emergence of IoT require continuous upgrade and expansion of network infrastructures and the launch of new applications to face new market needs. 

The introduction of next generation disruptive technologies, innovative business models and a highly competitive market pose a significant support and operational challenge to product OEMs, enterprise software companies, independent software vendors and service providers cutting across various technology domains.

In the digital era every company must place a spotlight on product and technical support to ensure the customer experience is seamless from initial product installation to global 24×7 support and operations centers.