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Capgemini’s Telematics Platform

11 Nov 2022

Telematics sits at the intersection of IoT, 5G, and advanced analytics. Once used primarily as a diagnostic tool in the automotive sector, it is now being used as a new method for engaging with customers and generating new revenue streams across various touchpoints. 

In insurance, we have seen initial adoption within auto/fleet Insurance, this is driven by use cases for behavior-based and usage-based insurance. Despite the widespread use of telematics capabilities in auto insurance, insurers have been unable, until now, to leverage at scale telematics capabilities in property, life and health. With the increasing popularity and the technological advancement of smart home and health devices, telematics now has potential to help insurers develop new products. Even within the auto insurance landscape, insurers are discovering that telematics has moved beyond pricing and discounts and is driving better, more profitable customer engagement. For insurers to leverage the potential of telematics to underpin their product development and fuel their growth, they are facing several challenges:  

  • Navigating and operationalizing telematics programs requires skilled resources working to deliver on strategic plan that delivers to business led goals and objectives. Project teams will need to reach across and engage at nearly every level and department within the company.  
  • Embedding telematics into an organization requires operating in a complex ecosystem with no standards and multiple data providers (OEMs, data exchanges and devices). 
  • Requirement for real-time high volume and high-fidelity analytics at scale and timely interventions (eFNOL, adaptive loss control alerts, optimized route selection).