How to assure that the Business Case benefits are achieved after implementing Digital HR solutions?

In this webcast, our experts will address topics such as:

The hard Facts:

  • 90% of the Core HR implementations do not achieve the expected ROI benefits after their first implementation as defined in the business case.
  • Despite that the software vendors preach and promise this Digital HR transformation forced by implementing their software.

Why is this happening?

  • How to improve your bets to become part of the successful 10% customers where the transformation also really happens and successfully lands in your organization.

HR Smart

  • Smart Solutions Suite – Comprehensive business insights aided by, AI & cognitive “advisor”
    • Workforce – Data driven insights by slicing and dicing and integrate data from various sources
    • Recruitment – Unified view of recruitment for cost, time to hire and sourcing performance analytics
    • Training and Development – Cost benefit analysis for capability building and effectiveness measure of internal and external trainings
    • Performance management – Insights on performance management, compensation, rewards and recognition
    • Compliance – Insights on current compliance, adherence with regulatory bodies and labor laws
    • Attrition and Survey – Integrated view on attrition data for predictive analytics and actionable insights with information on employee surveys
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June 11, 2020 11:00 am