The Danish Management Team

Our leaders spearheading the business in Denmark

Claus Rydkjær

EVP & Managing Director, Capgemini Danmark

Anders Sejersdal

Finance & HR Director, Denmark

Claes Kongsdam

Chief Sales Officer, Denmark

Faisal Ramzan

Director of Consulting, Denmark

Ejner Kabel

Director of Public Health, Denmark

Maria Søndergaard

Director of Manufacturing and CPRD, Denmark

John Fodeh

Director of Life Sciences and Medtech, Denmark

Henrik Fugmann

Head of Public Services, Denmark



Denmark is part of the Nordics BU

Nordics Management team

Anil Agarwal

President Nordics

Bjorn Lenchler Hauge

Operations and Delivery Director, Nordics

Geert Keustermans

Finance Director, Nordics

Claus Rydkjær

Managing Director, Capgemini Denmark

Magnus Höjman

Sales Director, Nordics

Tarun Roy

Head of Delivery, Nordics

Malin Nyren

HR Director, Nordics (Effective April 26, 2020)