The Global Networked Value Circle

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A New Model for Best-in-Class Manufacturing As companie […]

A New Model for Best-in-Class Manufacturing

As companies face deflation, slowing production and declining prices, they will need to assess their entire value chain as they look for ways to keep costs low and improve efficiencies while continuing to innovate.

To help address this challenge, this report reflects fresh research undertaken by Capgemini in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh into the ‘Best-in-Class Global Manufacturing Value Chain’.

The specific objectives were to:

  • Identify the key components of the global manufacturing value chain in the world now, and see if the shape, nature and content of the value chain need to be changed or adapted if it is going to be used as a management tool for assessing or benchmarking capabilities.
  • Identify the lessons of experience of some top-performing companies in different manufacturing industries concerning how they effectively manage different elements of their best-in-class global value chains.
  • Derive benchmarks for good practice within different elements of the manufacturing value chains from top-performing companies within different segments of the manufacturing industry.