Next-Gen Identity and Access Management

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If there is one constant in today’s business environmen […]

If there is one constant in today’s business environment it’s change. Applications are continuing to move into the cloud. Evermore interconnections and access points are being opened among businesses. We are moving to a world where users are demanding increasing flexibility, traditional controls are disappearing and threats are increasing. This new world demands nextgeneration identity access management (IAM) solutions. Capgemini Identity and Access Management as a Service delivers the necessary connectivity, control and security that CIOs require. Built on RSA’s and ForgeRock’s class-leading technology, combined with Capgemini’s expertise in integration and service management, this service provides a comprehensive end-to-end IAM solution unmatched in the market. This unique service helps customers ensure a cost-effective, phased and scalable transition from existing services. Furthermore, as a managed service, it enables customers to maintain peace of mind, thanks to the underlying bestofbreed technology delivered through a highly available, secure and managed hosted environment.


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