Improving Agrana’s Supplier Relationship Management

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Agrana, the largest producer of juice concentrates in E […]

Agrana, the largest producer of juice concentrates in Europe, uses the concentration process to convert natural fruit juice into concentrated juice. Once the juice is in a concentrated form, it can be shipped to the fruit juice manufacturers.
Different factors play a major role in the process of producing high-quality concentrates. The ability to find the right fruit varieties, the freshest products and the best areas of cultivation as well as efficient post-harvest processing are key factors. The main challenge for Agrana is relying on good and reliable suppliers. This is because the company must purchase high-quality raw materials and ensure that the production process is not affected by any late shipments. To minimize delivery problems or delays, Agrana had to implement an efficient Accounts Payable (AP) process to ensure that each supplier is paid on time.


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