Getting a Grip on Storage

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Enterprises spend a considerable amount of money and ti […]

Enterprises spend a considerable amount of money and time to control and administer storage growth. Regardless of the industry, the amount of data that organizations store, administer and protect continues to be on an upward trajectory. As a result, the costs associated with managing storage are climbing as well. To overcome all these storage pain points, organizations can look to storage resource optimization (SRO) to introduce best practices, improve procurement efficiency, enforce compliance and optimize provisioning. Capgemini’s SRO offering is an out-of-the-box, pay-as-you-go service for heterogeneous storage environments—there isn’t anything like it available anywhere today. Using the right blend of SRO technologies, Capgemini’s team includes a comprehensive unit of professionals including engagement managers, architects and subject matter experts specializing in the storage industry.

Getting a Grip on Storage

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