Secure Workspace with Intel Authenticate

Cyberattacks are growing at an alarming rate, and it’s this risk that keeps the IT decision makers up at night. They’re worried about vulnerabilities of their endpoints, and the consequences of becoming the next company on the national news as the victim of a cyber attack.

They have safeguards in place to protect their networks, but if an authorized endpoint is compromised, can those safeguards keep hackers out of their system

The Solution: A Secure Workspace with Intel Authenticate

Intel Authenticate is a hardware enhanced multifactor authentication solution that strenghtens the identity access and protection of your endpoints. This solution helps with the following:

  • Manages critical security processes below the operating system.
  • Isolates critical security functions from the operating system layer.
  • Securely provisions, stores, and enforces security within the hardware.
  • Manages critical security processes below the operating system.
  • Manages both soft and hard factors of security.

Intel Authenticate technology hardens the three main areas of attack, including authentication factor, IT policy, and the decision. The user experience is improved by removing the burden of constantly entering passwords and, instead, enabling OS login, VPN login, and walk-away lock.

More information about the Sogeti – Intel Alliance


Secure Workspace with Intel Authenticate

Tighten identity protection on your Smart Workspace with the Intel Authentication Solution and new Intel Core vPro based computers


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