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The fight against cybersecurity attacks is continuous. New threats, new attackers, and new targets emerge every day, and cyber criminals are finding new ways to breach defenses.

Our Defend services portfolio provides you with threat detection, response, and mitigation capabilities across the entire threat spectrum. Our experienced security operators bring specialized skillsets to the table across attack analysis, threat intelligence, digital forensics and incident response, and threat-hunt to deliver comprehensive capabilities where you need it most.

The unwelcome guest

Our threat-hunting services can help you spot even hidden threats.

Our cyber defense centers deliver managed detection and response solutions that provide a realistic view of your threat landscape, and detect, analyze, and mitigate attacks – acting as your primary line of defense or sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with your internal teams to do that. Our centers also accompany you in driving security posture improvements, remediating vulnerabilities, and improving your security controls and platforms.

Defend your business and strengthen your security posture.

What we do

We take advantage of our global visibility and intelligence-based operations to protect your enterprise from all manners of threats.

Our Managed Detection & Response services, delivered from our network of cyber defense centers, leverage specialized capabilities such as Incident Response, Threat Hunting and OT Security expertise to extend your capabilities and reduce risk across your business.

The best incident prevention strategy starts with smarter detection for faster response.

Our Managed Security services provide instant access to the expertise, technology, and scale you need to protect your enterprise and accelerate growth.

Thanks to our experience and our skilled security analysts and engineers, you can enhance your security platforms and mature your operations.

We engage in managed or dedicated models, and customize our capabilities to support your business and technology objectives.

Real-time security orchestration

Discover our Satellite Security Operations Center.

On-demand webinar: Making zero trust practical

Security Leaders from Capgemini and Forrester Research get together for a zero trust roundtable.

Adapting to your business

Discover our network of global Security Operations Centers.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in security operations.

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