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South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce handles the pandemic surge

Modernized platform built with Capgemini delivers agility and scalability

The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) acts as a bridge between unemployment and reemployment. The goal is to match job seekers with employers quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

DEW began exploring a more modern unemployment benefits system. DEW decided to work with Capgemini on the project, and the Southeast Consortium for Unemployment Benefits Integration (SCUBI) was launched in 2017.

The system allows DEW to design workflows so, when a claim is filed, it is routed to the individual who needs to work on it. Processing claims is more efficient because the business rules and workflows determine what work can be handled electronically or automated under state and federal laws, and what needs to be sent to an employee.

Then the pandemic hit, and unemployment claims surged. DEW went from 8,000 claims per month to 88,000 in April 2020. Working with Capgemini, DEW ensured the system was running properly, and the partners also identified, developed, and implemented enhancements to the claimant and employer experience, while still keeping track of nearly 900,000 claims in 2020.

Read how Capgemini helped the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce handled high volumes and new programs.

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