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Powering a leading sensor technology manufacturer’s data strategy, from analytics to AI and beyond

How can a business define a future data strategy that helps them deliver insightful business analytics and sets the foundation for a strong artificial intelligence capability—all aligned to business objectives? Capgemini’s New York AIE provided the answer to this question in a two-day Discover session that brought together senior stakeholders from the client’s business management and IT organizations, as well as pertinent players from the emerging start-up ecosystem.

The AIE team guided client participants through a robust process that started by uniting stakeholders through knowledge and future vision: a Capgemini expert overview of current analytics thinking and future trends was followed by facilitated initial discussions around challenges and future goals in multiple business areas, including finance, marketing and sales, and digital engineering.

Companies from Capgemini’s innovation ecosystem of start-ups were invited to showcase unique solutions that were well suited to helping the client address the challenges it had identified and accelerate the business towards meeting its strategic goals. A mapping exercise leveraging the AIE’s Three Horizon model enabled stakeholders to drive meaningful discussion around innovation initiatives and prioritize activities accordingly, while collaborative working sessions with Capgemini’s Insights and Data experts introduced potential governance principles for the future master data management approach and analytics strategy.

Client outcomes

Ideas from the ‘now’, ‘new’ and ‘next’ perspectives were mapped to the Three Horizon model and the strongest use cases were identified for progression to MVP projects. The prioritized initiatives were used to create an action plan that provided direction on how to establish a robust analytics foundation and take the first steps towards achieving AI ambitions. By uniting stakeholders through collaborative processes, Capgemini readied the client to tackle innovation from a pan-organization point of view and to match initiatives closely to business objectives.

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