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Hydro One adapts payroll to help manage disruption

New ServiceNow platform and expedited processes help employees

Hydro One is Ontario’s largest electricity transmission and distribution provider with approximately 1.4 million residential, business, and industrial customers across the province of Ontario. On March 17, Ontario declared a state-of-emergency shutdown to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Hydro One is an essential business and plays a critical role in energizing life for people and communities across Ontario. When the shutdown of non-essential businesses and a directive for employees to work from home, the payroll team quickly worked to move operations off-site and keep its processes on track.

Capgemini worked with Hydro One on the design, development, and implementation of ServiceNow, and the new system was launched in November 2019. It replaced email inquiries with a one-stop shop for employee needs and requests.

ServiceNow is also used as the day-to-day tool for communications between Hydro One’s HR team and Inergi, a Capgemini company. This system was absolutely critical in enabling HR and payroll to work from home. Hydro One is a complex organization. Payroll payments are weekly or bi-weekly, with pensioners paid monthly. Even working from home, all payroll obligations have been met during the shutdown.

Read more on how Inergi’s team effort ensured payroll continued to operate smoothly.

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