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Bringing consistent power to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is working to improve its economy but has been hampered by inconsistent power infrastructure. Only 60% of the population has access to electricity and regular power outages were estimated to cost up to US$1 billion per year in economic output.

Excelerate Energy is a recognized leader in innovative floating liquid natural gas (LNG) regasification technology. The solution replaces onshore terminals, can be set up quickly and reduces the environmental footprint. The company wanted to bring a first-of-its-kind project to Bangladesh to provide the fuel to produce enough energy for an estimated 3 million homes.

Excelerate Energy chose to work with Capgemini to implement the ERP system needed to support this mission. Bringing together teams from India, Bangladesh, Germany, and the United States, Capgemini rolled out EnergyPath, an SAP-certified pre-configured software solution for the energy industry. It streamlines the process and drastically reduces the time-to-implement.

Consistent power will lead to job creation and economic stimulus; the GDP is expected to grow from 4% to double digits once both floating LNG facilities are open. But there is also the human element. The ability to keep air conditioning running more regularly in a hot, humid country will reduce health impacts and heat-related deaths. In addition, the natural gas will be used by fertilizer plants to boost the country’s food supply.

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