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We talk Software with Ranu Pande, Deepti Zain, and Neha Arolkar

Ranu Pande currently leads the Automotive Market Unit for Germany in India. She has over 26 years of global experience in account management and customer engagement. Deepti Zain, a graduate from IIM Bangalore, is an Account Manager for a leading luxury German OEM client of Capgemini. Neha Arolkar is the Global Innovation Head for a leading German OEM account at Capgemini, and is a Go-to-Market Leader for custom software & digital solutions.

In our new Point of View, Ranu Pande, Deepti Zain, and Neha Arolkar discuss the forces behind software driven transformation (SDT) in automotive, and the power of new partnerships.

Watch the interview with Ranu Pande, Deepti Zain, and Neha Arolkar

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