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Trends in Public Security 2021-22: A Perspective from the Netherlands

How safe do citizens in the Netherlands feel today, and how should organizations in the security domain respond to changing threats and new technologies?

Tapping-in to the security zeitgeist

Now in its 11th year, the annual Trends in Security report from Capgemini in the Netherlands offers new perspectives on the Dutch security domain that will also have implications for technology and security leaders across the global public sector.

This executive summary, published as part of our European Voices series, brings together the key research findings and expert opinion on a diverse range of topics including:

  • The use of drones in law enforcement
  • Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) technology
  • Data sharing with cryptography
  • Risk management for digital systems and infrastructure
  • Semantic models
  • Applying AI in risk management and document control
  • Innovation and ethics in forensic care
  • Digital security and the quantum internet
  • Scaling innovation
  • The mobile workplace in policing
  • Citizen innovation and cooperation

Our research shows that Dutch citizens rated their overall security higher than last year overall, while their sense of online security has declined. Unfortunately, with remote ways of working becoming the new normal, digital crime has also escalated, forcing people to pay more attention to combating cybercrime.

The changing needs of citizens come at a time when new technology is exploding onto the market with a fully digitalized landscape fast approaching. More efficient and effective ways of ensuring public security using data and information are being sought. Intelligence-led operations are leading the way for the future – which will be particularly useful in the world of cybercrime where a single perpetrator is able to harm hundreds of victims within a matter of hours. With intelligent solutions comes speed, and this is a crucial aspect of public safety whether in the physical or online worlds.

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