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TechnoVision 2024: Trends for CIOs, IT Leadership Teams and Practitioners

Keeping pace with how technology is changing is a challenge. In 2024, it will be critical to make informed choices about future technology in business, and about augmenting our businesses with digital innovation.

TechnoVision 2024 is the latest edition of our annual guide to the future of technology and innovation in business. Harnessing the very best of our global subject matter experts, TechnoVision is a trusted blend of forward thinking and actionable advice. It’s designed to help technology leaders, IT leadership, and IT practitioners explore the most important trends in digital technology, so they can formulate and refine technology-enabled enterprise strategies and business transformation plans.

TechnoVision 2024 | Prompt the Future

TechnoVision 2024: Augment ME!

This year’s TechnoVision theme is augment ME! Elevate Your Possible, Rediscover Ourselves.

It’s inspired by the opportunities offered by digital innovation, and especially generative AI, to enhance what’s unique and wonderful about human beings, and extend our potential further still with technology. The challenge for CIOs is to apply today’s technology in a balanced and thoughtful way, while maximizing the positive impact of innovation in business. Separating hype from genuinely valuable and progressive innovations. Being cautious but not overly conservative. Applying technology as a catalyst for progress, but ensuring robust controls and governance measures are in place.

TechnoVision 2024 gives CIOs the insight to successfully balance these forces.  

The technology at the CIO’s disposal may be more advanced and exciting than at any point in human history. But that makes today’s landscape complex and challenging to keep ahead of. Big questions like “what is the future of technology” and “how will technology affect the future of our society” are becoming more and more challenging to answer. 

That’s where TechnoVision 2024 comes in. It categorizes technology trends into six containers and provides a snapshot of innovation from different perspectives (the “what”). These range from areas like user experience and collaboration, via data and process automation, all the way to infrastructure and applications.

A seventh container offers a series of overarching design principles that will help CIOs and practitioners to successfully apply the trends and create transformational impact (the “how”). These design principles will give you a practical foundation as you approach portfolios, programs, projects, architectures, innovation initiatives, or ideas.

Prompting you to build a better business

TechnoVision 2024 is designed to inspire you to take a fresh perspective on the defining technology business issues of our time. This, in turn, will prompt you to design, plan, and realize the future that you and your business aspire to.

Bur if we learned one thing this year, it’s that technology trends never stand still. In many cases, the pace of change is accelerating.

So, to maintain the momentum of TechnoVision 2024, we plan to release a range of Industry Playbooks throughout the year that show the impact of technology trends and sector-specific opportunities.

For your business leaders

To complement this in-depth version of TechnoVision that’s designed for CIOs, IT leadership teams, and technical experts, we’ve created a version tailored to business leaders. This edition takes a lighter and more accessible journey through today’s seven technology containers. It focuses on how business executives can design, plan and get the future their organization wants. For more, check out our CXO edition.

Bring TechnoVision to life

As well as a trends report, TechnoVision is an implementation guide that will help business and technology leaders to engage in meaningful dialogue. For more, check out our guide to Applying TechnoVision.

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