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Hosted by Capgemini and featuring Forrester Research

The importance of a strong security culture
Duration: 60 minutes

Watch our strategic security discussion with Forrester Research to learn the important steps to enhancing your organization’s security culture in 2022 and beyond. Gain insights to help increase retention, acceptance of new concepts and become a more effective and efficient security organization.

Zero trust and metrics that matter
Duration: 60 minutes

As the board and security management accelerates the demand to implement Zero Trust frameworks, how will we measure success? What tools and measures are necessary to ensure that Zero Trust is a practical part of your security operation? Watch this Webinar to learn what processes and tools are necessary to successfully implement, manage and communicate Zero Trust success to your team and Enterprise stakeholders.

Making zero trust practical
Duration: 60 mins

We’ve all heard the term by now – Zero Trust – but what does Zero Trust actually mean and how can you get started with this red-hot security framework? Our expert panel breaks down the do’s, don’ts, and lessons learned from our experience with different pieces of Zero Trust, including cyber transformation, identity, cloud security, and more!

Is your cybersecurity insurance dynamic enough for today’s threat landscape?
Duration: 60 mins

While cybersecurity insurance is still moderately new, demand for air cover against unknown cyber risks is increasing rapidly. Against a backdrop of rising cyber-attacks and increased regulations, organizations are feeling the pressure to ensure they are protected against data theft and loss. The panel explores various trends to understand the dynamics that will shape the Cyber Insurance market in 2021 and beyond.

Securing your cloud: Evolving role of hyperscalers
Duration: 60 mins

In this panel discussion, Andras Cser, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, highlights the main cybersecurity risks facing Cloud, and how to overcome them to secure a sustainable future. The panel discusses: What are the best practices for cloud security strategy? How has the pandemic affected cloud security? What do the hyperscalers mean for the security of my business?

New normal demands increased cybersecurity resilience
Duration: 60 mins

Exclusive opportunity to hear Jinan Budge, Cybersecurity Analyst, Forrester Research, present Cybersecurity predictions for 2021, followed by an insightful panel discussion on critical aspects related to enterprise security culture, visibility, response readiness, insider threat, zero trust, and more.

Achieving cyber resilience
Duration: 60 mins

Exclusive opportunity to hear Jeff Pollard, Head Cybersecurity Analyst, Forrester Research, present the recent market study of what organizations are prioritizing to achieve cyber resilience.  It also includes a lively roundtable discussing key security trends.