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Augmenting the future workforce with automation

Tune in to our podcast to find out will automation protect jobs, or take them away?

Automation isn’t new. After all, we’ve been automating since the first industrial revolution. But we’re in a new, intelligent era of automation that demands upskilling and cultural change.

Join Michael Priddis, founder and CEO of automation pioneer Faethm AI, and Claudia Crummenerl, Workforce and Organization Global Lead at Capgemini Invent, as they take us on a whirlwind tour of automation past, present and future. Hosted by Capgemini’s Liz Lugnier, this podcast looks at the impact of automation on the workforce and assesses ways in which the global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of intelligent automation.

Automation influences how we work, how we live, and how we lead our lives. The more enterprising organizations have already recognized its potential to augment their people, equipping them with the tools to work faster and more productively.

Michael and Claudia argue that the key to successful adoption of automation lies in taking your people on the automation journey with you. Consider the work that can be automated and create skills pathways for employees currently doing those jobs manually.

Offering industry use cases, they look at how automation is not something to be feared; rather it’s proven to keep people safe, boost productivity, and empower the modern workforce.

Listen to our podcast to hear more about the skills tomorrow’s workforce will need to benefit from automation.

About the speakers

Michael Priddis CEOMichael Priddis
Michael is the founder and CEO of Faethm AI. A former Partner and Asia Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group’s technology innovation practice, Michael founded Faethm and launched its SaaS platform in 2017. The company has since grown to deliver AI-driven insights to government, enterprise and education clients in 26 countries. Michael also serves on the World Economic Forum’s Global AI Council.
Claudia CClaudia Crummenerl
Claudia is the Global Lead of the Workforce and Organization Practice at Capgemini Invent. She is an expert in the people perspective of digital, and her role involves looking after how leadership in the digital age is evolving, how talents and workforce is transforming through automation and AI and how to engage with employees during the transformation process.

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