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Harnessing data in ADM services to drive digital transformation

David McIntire
17 Feb 2023

How you can utilize your data to optimize your applications – and build the foundation for your future business

Digital transformation strategies that fail to recognize and apply the power that data holds can confine themselves to darkness – or at best – leave a lot of potential opportunities untapped. A recent Capgemini Research Institute (CRI) study entitled The data-powered enterprise: Why organizations must strengthen their data mastery highlights how companies can exploit data to drive real business value. The study found that companies that use data as a foundation for their operations – so called “Data Masters” – realize a significant performance advantage relative to their peers. This advantage spans customer engagement, revenue growth, operational efficiency, and cost savings – including 70% higher revenue per employee and 22% higher profitability overall.
However, becoming a Data Master is a journey – not a one-off project with an immediate ROI. A focus on leveraging data within application landscapes and the wider IT ecosystem enables companies to build the foundation for their evolutive journeys to becoming Data Masters.

Digital transformation that puts you in the driver’s seat – Harnessing the true potential of data-driven ADM

Building application development and maintenance (ADM) services that can fully utilize data is the first step in a company’s data modernization journey. The systems that are core to the delivery of data-enabled ADM contain a wealth of data and insights to accelerate the delivery of services. For example, the data residing in an ITSM tool can be extracted and analyzed to understand the nature of incidents that typically make up the bulk of an application maintenance team’s workload. This can help in identifying the highest-impact incidents to target automated resolution or enhance monitoring to drive down incident volumes.

Additionally, analyzing ticket data for recurring incidents targets root-cause analysis initiatives on the highest-impact problems. Extending this data analysis can also facilitate an AI-enabled capability to identify not just the root cause – but also the resolution that eliminates these incidents from even occurring.

The combination of automating the resolution of one batch of high-frequency incidents, and pre-emptively eliminating another batch of recurring incidents can bring a material reduction in application support effort.

The resources freed up through this process can then be applied to further the data modernization journey. Assessing the “as-is” and then modernizing data landscapes to eliminate data silos and redundancies enables the further exploitation of data. This newly standardized and sanitized data provides fresh insights into further transformation opportunities – particularly on the business side – that enhance the value of data to drive real change.

Capgemini’s ADMnext^Data – Bringing data to light to help you successfully navigate your digital transformation journey

Capgemini’s ADMnext^Data integrates all the assets and capabilities of our market-leading ADM services with our unique insights and data capabilities. These combined capabilities enable us to help guide you on your data modernization journey as part of a long-term relationship.

Firstly, our Enterprise Automation Fabric (EAF) offering specifically focuses on incorporating data into the heart of the ADM services we offer. EAF is the foundational automation suite that underpins the delivery of services across technology and business process operations. It works with your ITSM to extract incident data and identify the highest value transformation and automation initiatives. It also possesses the AIOps capabilities to automate the resolution of incidents and root-cause-analysis processes.

As support requirements fall and resources are freed thanks to EAF, Capgemini can then leverage assets such as our eAPM and Advantage-ROI tools to help you better understand your current maturity and implement the highest value transformation opportunities across your data estate. Value can be identified both from your modernization of data landscapes (for example, through migration to cloud or application rationalization), as well as business process transformation efforts.

Data-enabled digital transformation provides companies with an unprecedented opportunity to leverage data that separates themselves from their competition. Capgemini’s ADMnext^Data gives you the tools and expertise to guide on your data-enabled digital transformation journey.

To start your drive on the path to data-enabled digital transformation as a Data Master, drop me a line and visit us here to learn more.


David McIntire

NA ADMnext Offer Lead and Solution Integrator
20+ year in Digital Consulting and experience in solutioning and selling new application services engagements. Support large-scale client opportunities through the development of solutions, transformation plans and presentation of our ADM capabilities.