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Sales Operations


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Sales, Account Management, and Solutions Design

“If I ever have to ask for something, I never doubt that I will always have help.”

Why I love the culture

If something happens in our lives, it’s easy to talk to our manager. For example, when my mother was ill, I was still working in the office but was able to start working from home. They said my first priority was my mother, and that work comes second. They’ve always been supportive.

What attracted me to Capgemini

My twin sister worked here, first in office support, then in sales. So I knew the company and I knew it was a good place to work. I’m an electro technician and, when I started at Capgemini, I worked on a utilities project. Once it was done, I was ready to try something else and there was an opening in sales. By then, my sister was doing sales for the US, so it was easy for me to say yes.

The best thing about working at Capgemini

I’m proud of the fact that I get to work with my sister. Plus I have a great team and we work well together. We have fun and we learn a lot.

Beyond my job

I’m in Montreal and companies here have to be certified that all their tools are offered in French. I’m usually here to help with the French translations.

Advice on joining Capgemini

Feel free to ask anything of anybody. Don’t be shy or afraid.

How I’m getting the future I want

Right now I have the future I want. This role is what I was hoping for and what I’m hoping to keep.