Business Cloud

Rune Kleiberg

Expert em Business and Technology Innovation

My work is dedicated to helping C-level executives to grow and improve their business through business and technology innovation. To accelerate the change I provide a top-down business vision for achieving a cloud-first way of working. I reconcile the business and financial benefits with the related constraints and risks to fast-track benefit realization and I help our clients to establish the right organization to deliver sustainable business outcomes from an investment in cloud.

Rune Kleiberg

Minha experiência

Principal, Business & Technology Innovation @ Capgemini Consulting


Director IT Program Management Office and IT Governance @ Paper & Forest Products

08/07/2002 to 08/20/2008

Project and Key Account Manager @ Digital Support

04/11/2000 to 07/03/2002

Project Consultant @ International Trade & Development

08/04/1999 to 04/11/2000