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We embrace humanity, sensitivity, and intuition to invent memorable experiences that build lasting relationships. One interaction at a time. CX customers discover sustainable competitive advantage from our extensive set of service capabilities.

Client Stories

Building the most functional city in the world

Background: Capgemini supports City of Helsinki on its way towards the vision of being the most functional city in the world. Altogether, we have completed more than 250 service development projects over the course of 10 years.

Solution: Capgemini has enabled the City to succeed in challenges spanning the domains of public transport, elderly care, education and more. Our work focuses on developing digital services that help create the best possible conditions for urban life for residents and visitors. Depending on the case at hand, Capgemini’s contributions vary from software implementations to tailor made solutions and hybrids. An important part of our role is to see the big picture and help the City navigate the trends of IT and digitalization sustainably, while closing in on the vision day by day.

Impact: The work with City of Helsinki directly impacts the lives of over half a million citizens. Our successes haven’t gone unnoticed – Helsinki has for instance been awarded by the Smart City Index, and named as the 3rd best city to live in. Our strategic partnership was extended in March 2021 by another 4 years, and we’re excited to keep building the most functional city in the world.

Transforming sales and service with Salesforce

Background: Wolters Kluwer wanted to increase their competitiveness by unifying their global sales and service processes. With Salesforce technology, we helped to improve their ability to manage processes and gave direct insight to what’s happening.

Solution: Capgemini was chosen as the implementation partner to create a Salesforce solution that connects Wolters Kluwer’s sales and service organizations and provides a 360-view of the customer. By establishing a Center of Excellence, we discovered and implemented a set of standards to align the work of country organizations. A template approach led to major changes in the ways of working, resulting in much improved consistency and agility. Besides the Salesforce implementation, our team played an important part in change management and in handling vital integrations.

Impact: With the introduced Salesforce implementation, Wolters Kluwer’s sales and service teams were able to cut the number of administrative tasks and to focus more on the customer. Salesforce improved their ability to manage processes and gave direct insight to what’s happening. For instance, salespeople can now follow up on KPIs with their mobile devices, and a self-service portal means that customers can obtain information without additional support from the service team. On a group level, these improvements lowered costs and increased productivity across business units. We will continue rolling out Salesforce-powered clouds, including the platform’s quoting solution.

Reinventing a digital customer journey

Background: With the goal of maintaining its market leading position, Celcom teamed up with Capgemini to revamp its customer journey with a new set of digital tools and streamlined ways of working. Following an update of the in-store experience, the focus on digital journey targeted a new kind of customer.

Solution: We took on the challenge to implement new customer-facing channels, platforms, and processes to create a new digital journey for Celcom’s customers. As a result of our collaboration, 5 new digital channels were born, including a new Drupal-based web portal and two custom built mobile applications. The work expanded the ways in which Celcom can engage with its customers and simplified the customer experience as well as their own ways of working. Capgemini provided end-to-end support throughout the digital transformation and accelerated the cultural transformation that Celcom’s new channels kicked off.

Impact: Celcom’s partnership with Capgemini fulfilled the goals of enhancing the digital customer journey and creating agile new ways of working. The transformation led to a number of impressive results, including a +60% increase in online revenue and Celcom’s website becoming the most visited telco site in Malaysia. Inspired by the successes, Celcom will continue to incorporate additional digital technologies such as finance and HR automation.

Optimizing internal customer experience with process mining

Background: BMW is not only a premium brand for customers, but strives for excellence also with their internal services. Together with Capgemini, BMW kicked off a project to improve the IT User Care Center and its service experience.

Solution: A deep dive into the analytics of IT process performance and complaints uncovered process gaps and inefficiencies that could be improved upon. Previously unnoticed trends were found with the application of specialized process mining and a new analytics platform. This helped BMW form a detailed view of IT care. Furthermore, Capgemini’s lean problem-solving methodology enabled the customer to develop the most effective responses to each individual service ticket.

Impact: The revamped approach to complaint management allows BMW Group to pinpoint the areas in which they could implement substantial customer service improvements. As another benefit, representatives are able to respond much more quickly, with 93,5% of tickets addressed within 30 minutes. The customer experience has vastly improved, which shows as a 53% decrease in the number of complaints. These and future analytics projects take BMW towards even more outstanding customer service.

Why Capgemini?

Heads of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Commerce and IT choose to invent personal customer experiences with us, because we have:

  • Relentless drive towards discovering the customer experiences of tomorrow and turning them into a sustainable competitive advantage for the customer today.
  • The brightest minds with extensive experience from uniquely challenging digital transformations in a range of industries.
  • Strong local and global capabilities to build solutions on the most powerful software, such as Salesforce, Pega, SAP and Microsoft, and to develop custom software.
  • Agile ways of designing and delivering digital solutions that connect the dots between marketing, sales and service journeys.
  • Endless curiosity to push the boundaries of what organizations can achieve with modern and upcoming technologies.

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