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Capgemini_telco_The path to net zero for telcos

Capgemini and GSMA Report “The sustainable Telco”

Today, telcos are focusing on improving network energy efficiency and instigating a broader culture change, elevating sustainability to a core plank of corporate strategy.

Our new report with GSMA Intelligence “The sustainable telco” analysed how the telecom industry has a huge role to play in supporting national and regional ambitions on climate change. In this video feature, Amanda Gosling from Capgemini and author Tim Hatt from GSMA Intelligence discuss how telcos can play their part in these objectives and also how connectivity can actually help other industries decarbonise.

Watch the video in complement to the report:

The path to net zero for telcos

The telecoms industry has a significant environmental impact today – and it’s predicted to rise in the years to come. We can help.