Internet of Things – XIoT Platform

Simplify IoT strategies and deployment with an agnostic and secure device management platform

Connect the physical to the IT world to improve products and asset performance and usage

Beyond automation, at a time when connectivity, data and collaboration will make the difference, XIoT offers to stakeholders a fully configurable and agnostic solution to securely manage and connect products and assets:

  • Smart city, buildings,
  • Track and trace (containers, logistics…)
  • Active grid
  • Connected products (medical devices, autonomous cars…)
  • Asset tracking and monitoring
  • Smart inventory
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance quality
  • Cobotics for product testing

A unique and packaged solution

XIoT is a packaged, industrialized, secured, end-to-end and connected solution to fit with digital transformation journey challenges, build with an already in place IoT ecosystem, generate revenue through new business services, and act as an ongoing Innovation as a Service platform.

XIoT is based on the 5A-layers proven IoT reference architecture and covers layer 1 – the IoT Middleware from Edge to Cloud.

XIoT is the only platform that:

  • Is 100% focused on device management
  • Is device, protocol and Cloud platform agnostic
  • Is fully configurable and highly secured
  • Provides Edge & Cloud mirroring architecture
  • Is Multi-tenant
  • Includes Edge Analytics management



XIoT is a Capgemini platform ready to configure and connect your products and assets, regardless of sector or geography. The solution is deployed for client IoT projects in Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Retail and Healthcare sectors.

To learn more, please contact: Philippe Ravix or Francois Calvignac


Digital Transformation

Securing Enterprise IoT from Vulnerabilities and Breaches

Intel and Capgemini have combined their security expertise to deliver an end-to-end IoT security solution. Their hardware and software components are pre-validated, assuring businesses of interoperability. They secure the entire IoT ecosystem, from edge to cloud.

X IoT Secure And Agnostic...

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