Capgemini Field Service Lightning Accelerator


The business-customer relationship is experiencing a profound shift. Today’s uncertain future and evolving social and political climates are forcing organizations to rely on digital channels more than ever. The return to normal is now a moving target and businesses need to be prepared to provide customers a seamless and personalized service experience across every touchpoint.

The onus to change is on providers: 80 percent of consumers are willing to pay for a better experience. Technicians, today’s brand representatives, lack the real-time knowledge and tools required to meet modern customer expectations, let alone deliver additional value. Field service, where 77 percent of companies are still using on-premises solutions, needs a step change to meet these demands.

Field Service Lightning Accelerator – a Capgemini solution built on Salesforce Service Cloud – elevates the capabilities of your field-service organization to meet these considerable demands.

It addresses these common field-service pain points

  • Costly and labor-intensive service delivery with inefficient first-time repair rates
  • Pressure to reduce service costs while improving quality
  • Time-consuming billing and invoicing processes that extend billing cycles

Transformational service operations on a single platform

  • Connects customers, agents, dispatchers, and service technicians on a single platform
  • Improves productivity, service revenue, first-time repair rates, customer satisfaction
  • Reduces service costs, average time to repair
  • Enables new future-forward business models – usage, subscription, and entitlement-based pricing; third party, remote, and self-service
  • Eliminates time, investment, and integration of deploying separate field-service solutions
  • Provides integral data to CRM, purchasing, invoicing, inventory management, and product-lifecycle-management functions

Capgemini and Salesforce: a transformative partnership

  • Hallmark of success in field service for organizations in life sciences, manufacturing, oil and gas, food and beverage, consumer products, and financial services
  • Salesforce partner since 2007 with over 2,000 certifications
  • Highest customer satisfaction among system integrators with a Partner Value Index score of 9.7 out of 10
  • Deep experience in cloud migration and integration, including multiple cloud solutions globally across industries

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