El punto de vista se centra en la necesidad de las empresas de utilities norteamericanas de adoptar la facturación inteligente y en el soporte a la infraestructura de facturación avanzada (advanced metering infrastructure, AMI) a un u otro nivel en un futuro cercano.


The current state of the electrical infrastructure in North America is not sustainable.
As demand continues to rise, utility companies generate more electricity to meet
demand. To change its course, utility companies must embrace a fresh approach
to managing peak demand and system security. An approach that will drive market
efficiency while supporting economic, environmental and social priorities. Smart
Meter and Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) are an important part of this new

Utility companies should think of AMI as the foundation for the future. When
building their business cases, they should look at the bigger picture and consider
the benefits that investing in an advanced metering infrastructure can have on
all market participants. By doing this they will more easily justify their investments
in AMI and have a positive impact on other issues that are converging in the marketplace.