Accelerate Your Big Data Strategy

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Execute faster with Capgemini and Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator

Capgemini and Cloudera have collaborated to build a comprehensive approach to help organizations accelerate and execute on Big Data initiatives. The Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator is an execution framework for Big Data, built around Cloudera’s Apache Hadoop-based open-source enterprise data management platform. It helps you to define your first projects, make sure you execute them well, and show you how to grow these to a fully-defined and sustainable Big Data strategy for your organization.

In this white paper, we illustrate how the Enterprise Data Hub Accelerator enables you to get started rapidly and cost-effectively with an action-focused plan for your first Big Data project. We show you how to identify the right business drivers for Big Data, progressively transform your governance processes around data, get your analytics to the next level, and ensure scalability of the platform for all of your data. Addressing all dimensions of your Big Data strategy will ensure that you achieve your goals and make a significant and transformative impact on your business with Big Data.

Accelerate Your Big Data...

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