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Major oil field services company transforms factory processes with AI driven solution

Transform Factory Processes

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven Smart Factory solution provides operators and engineers with a new level of insight and the ability to adjust production at a moment’s notice

Equipment outages and production challenges

A major oil field services company wanted greater visibility into its manufacturing processes as well as the ability to manage production in real time. With 300 machines in seven plants, equipment issues often negatively affected manufacturing processes before the problem was noticed. And when an issue was detected, it was time-consuming to solve and resulted in lost productivity.

Solution – Deploying the Smart Factory

Together with Capgemini, the oil field services company deployed a Smart Factory solution. The solution combines capabilities from Capgemini’s Intelligent Asset Monitoring and Predictive Asset Maintenance with Edge Compute solutions. Powered by innovative edge technology including Intel® IoT Gateways and Intel® NUCs and running on Capgemini’s Internet of Things (XIoT) platform, the solution provides operators and engineers with a new level of insight into machine health and real-time control of production processes. Through monitoring and manufacturing analytics, the solution provides powerful data visualization capabilities and empowers data-driven decision making.


  • 12 percent better machine utilization
  • Advanced data visualization leading to greater insights
  • Real-time management of manufacturing processes

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