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Boosting transportation efficiency with Capgemini

A leading tire manufacturer extends visibility and dramatically reduces the cost of shipping high-value assets with a connected logistics solution from Capgemini and Intel

Safeguarding industrial secrets

When an entire business revolves around tire design and manufacturing, nothing is more crucial to maintaining a competitive edge than a brand-new prototype tire. When the prototype is within the boundaries of a secure manufacturing plant, a company can be fairly assured its specs are reliable and safe. However, it becomes riskier when the prototype must be transported between sites. A prototype on the road is open to damage, loss, delay, and even theft. Any of these events could result in catastrophic losses in R&D, productivity, and sales stretching into millions of dollars.

The Capgemini and Intel connected logistics solution has enabled the tire manufacturer to boost efficiency for transporting prototype tires and reduce shipping costs.

Together with Capgemini, the tire manufacturer rolled out an integrated, end-to-end shipping solution based on the Intel® Connected Logistics Platform (ICLP). Built on the latest Intel® technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) and hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud, the solution provides near real-time tracking and monitoring of shipment locations, and, if desired, temperature, humidity, shock, ambient light, barometric pressure, and tilt.

The Capgemini and Intel solution has enabled the tire manufacturer to improve the efficiency of its prototype tire transportation. Through near realtime, end-to-end visibility, the solution is able to track and monitor the location and environment of prototypes between sites according to pre-defined operating parameters.

An XIoT solution with multiple applications

As well as tracking high-value assets at risk of damage, loss, delay, or theft, the Capgemini end-to-end logistics solution can also be used to monitor excessive tilt or shock for sensitive goods such as laboratory equipment, machinery, and engines, as well as environmental conditions for perishables like pharmaceuticals, produce, and chemicals. In fact, it can be used to track almost any B2B use case for transportation: logistics companies that want to monitor the supply chain between warehouses, goods owners who desire visibility into the performance of their logistics suppliers, and distributors looking to monitor the amount of time it takes for goods to travel over different operators’ rail networks so that they can set payment plans in line with tariffs.

Interested in learning more?

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