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The Architecture of the Metaverse

Have you discovered the Metaverse yet? It’s an emerging online world in which interconnected communities work, trade and play. Find out all about in our podcast episode.

New digital capabilities are announced every day. And one development that has been causing a lot of excitement recently is the ‘Metaverse’. In this Future Sight podcast episode, we take you beyond the hype to explore where the fledgling Metaverse is today and what the future might look like.

Join Capgemini Invent’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Kary Bheemaiah and show host Ollie Judge as they delve into the new business models, standards, technology and cultural shifts that will shape the Metaverse.

Let’s start with what the Metaverse is. At its simplest, it’s where the virtual world interacts with the physical; where information from the external environment is translated into a virtual context. How you monetize this and innovate in the Metaverse is still very much up for grabs.

Kary and Ollie look at how companies might get started in this space — what they need, why interoperability is important, and the role of blockchain. But is there a fly in the ointment? Will a lack of computational power be a barrier to scaling the Metaverse?

Tune in to our podcast to learn more and hear about the new roles, new currency and new economics in the Metaverse of tomorrow.

About the speaker

Kary Bheemaiah Kary helps to define the business and sectorial implications of emerging technologies that are of strategic importance to the Capgemini Group and its clients. He informs go-to-market implementation plans, aids in the creation of new client-specific solutions and services, and contributes to thought leadership on innovative technologies. He further connects the world of emerging technology to all Capgemini Invent practices, clients, and sectors.

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