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How to be a purpose-driven organization?

Tune in to our podcast as we discuss why an organization’s purpose is about the positive impact a business adds to the world beyond its profit.

A statement of purpose is a great start. But how do you truly bring that purpose to life across your organization and beyond? What is purpose? Why does it matter?

Join Capgemini Invent’s Claudia Crummenerl as she invites Laura Quinn and Alaina Crystal to explore what it means to be a purpose-led organization. These two leading exponents of purpose describe how it’s about using the power of your organization to be a real influencer on issues that matter.

They acknowledge that ensuring your organization purpose is authentic isn’t easy. So, which companies are getting it right — and who recently got it very wrong with a misguided campaign that backfired?

Organizational purpose is more than marketing or communication. It is what your organization stands for; it’s how you change from within to achieve something beyond profit, something life-affirming for your employees and your customers. And you have to write a compelling narrative, one that tells the story of your purpose and illustrates how your organization lives and breathes it.

The purpose momentum is growing. Are you ready for it? Listen to our podcast to find out what it means for your employees, customers, operations, supply chain, and more.

About the speakers

Laura Quinn

Laura’s career spans corporate purpose, sustainability, CSR and brand building across Europe, Asia and the US. In her current role as Senior Strategy Director and Private Sector Lead at social impact and movement-building agency Purpose, she leads client relationships with Danone North America, Unilever, ViacomCBS, Bloomberg Philanthropies and others.

Alaina Crystal

As the Global Head of Strategy at Purpose, Alaina’s role at Purpose sees her partnering with some of the firm’s biggest corporate and philanthropic clients. She brings together a diverse team of strategists across six offices and develops new processes and IP to help partners create impact backed by strategic rigor.

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