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De-mystifying augmented reality

Tune in to our podcast as our experts separate AR fact from fiction.

What is AR and how is it different to Virtual Reality? What do you need to put together an AR project? Are we on the cusp of something big, or will it be another five years before AR really takes off?

Join “lifelong learner” and mixed reality aficionado Nitin Dhemre as he and Capgemini Invent’s Kary Bheemaiah discuss the journey of Augmented Reality (AR) from fiction to fact. Hosted by Ollie Judge, this podcast explores the reason why AR hasn’t yet reached the consumer heights promised by science fiction but is beginning to increase in uptake across digital enterprises.

Nitin and Kary look at several use cases that help us answer these questions and more. In retail, for example, AR use cases are being developed enabling consumers to create their own avatar and try on clothes when shopping online. Leading players in pharma and healthcare are using simulated reality for molecule manipulation and the creation of new molecules using AR. Experts across industries sitting in different geographies can guide someone in the field in real time with AR’s enhanced remote control.

Listen to our podcast for a true picture of AR past, present and future.

About the speakers

Nitin Dhemre Nitin is COO and Co-founder, HighStreet3D and has almost 20 years’ experience working at the intersection of technology and culture. He has worked in television, advertising, banking, innovation and has co-founded two startups. An MBA from HEC Paris, Nitin has devoted the past four years to building mixed reality experiences for clients and his own projects.
Kary Bheemaiah Kary is the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Capgemini Invent. He helps to define the business and sectorial implications of emerging technologies that are of strategic importance to the Capgemini Group and its clients. He informs go-to-market implementation plans, aids in the creation of new client-specific solutions and services, and contributes to thought leadership on innovative technologies. He further connects the world of emerging technology to all Capgemini Invent practices, clients and sectors.

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