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Charting the road to recovery

Tune in to our podcast as we chart the global pandemic, from confusion to dawning realization and the journey to recovery — and what it all means going forward.

The global coronavirus pandemic forced a fundamental change in business models. In this podcast, we’ve brought together experts in retail, automotive and financial services to assess the damage caused, the mistakes made on the journey to recovery, and why new consumer behaviors are here to stay.

Join show host Oliver Jones as he steers our experts through the different stages of the pandemic and asks who the winners and losers have been.

How were some financial services organizations able to pivot to address new digital behaviors so quickly? Why has the consumer response come as a surprise to many in the automotive industry — and what does this mean for business models? And with high street retailers brought to their knees, how can the crisis be used to reshape the future of retail?

From disrupted supply chains and income inequality, to accelerating digitalization programs and brands with purpose, our experts shine a light on how the impact of the pandemic is less about systems and technology, and more about people.

Listen to our podcast to hear why a new understanding of the customer journey offers hope for a better, more sustainable future. And why things cannot go back to the way they were before.

About the speakers

Colin Payne Colin is the Global Head of Capgemini Next Generation Banking and architect of Capgemini’s new Inventive Financial Services offer Inventive Banking. Working at the cutting edge of open banking and beyond, he is passionate about the development of new platforms and partnerships to deliver financial services for the modern economy. Colin has combined a long career in innovation with his deep knowledge of the banking world and now directs an international team delivering next generation solutions to clients.
Nina Mohanty Nina is Founder of Bloom Money and is passionate about financial inclusion and works to provide fair and sustainable financial services to people in vulnerable situations. She sits on the Steering Committee of the Joint Refugee Action Network and volunteers for several other charities including First Love Foundation and Migrant Action. Prior to Klarna, Nina worked at London-based Open Banking start up, Bud, to build out a financial marketplace and rethink the way we interact with financial services.
Timothy Morey Tim is Vice President, Strategy at frog, part of Capgemini. He leads a team of strategy practitioners who work alongside frog’s designers and technologists to ensure the successful commercialization of products, services, and experiences. frog is a global design consultancy that transforms businesses at scale by creating systems of brand, product, and service to deliver a better customer experience. Tim has worked in Silicon Valley for 20 years in a variety of product, strategy, and marketing roles.
Jona Moore Jona is Vice President of Technology at frog, part of Capgemini. She has led, designed, built, and delivered multi-channel customer experience solutions to several fortune 500 and public sector clients. She works with designers and clients to push the boundaries of possibility, leveraging cutting-edge, innovative technologies to orchestrate the best possible solutions. This includes experiences powered by AR/VR, blockchain, mobile, API, web, passive interfaces such as voice, machine learning, e-commerce, CMS and many more.
Sven Dahlmeier Sven is a Senior Director, Capgemini Invent and advises Capgemini’s Automotive OEM clients on transforming their supply chain operations towards a digital supply chain. His experience ranges from designing the future digital supply chain target picture, to supporting value-driven transformation of clients’ digitization initiatives. He also focuses on supply chain collaboration with all its internal and external facets and has an ambition to close the missing links encountered within digital supply chains.

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