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Building emotional intelligence with AI

Tune in to find out if artificial intelligence can help businesses build stronger customer relationships.

From autonomous cars adapting to driver behavior to market research and healthcare services, the use cases for AI continue to grow. But what ethical decisions are shaping AI use and how does it reveal our emotions?

Join ‘emotion AI’ tech guru Michael Bartl and Capgemini Invent’s Florian Sommer as they debate the role of AI in business with our host Liz Lugnier. If machines can be enabled to better understand human behavior and develop empathy, can they help enterprises to build more trusting, relevant relationships with their customers?

According to Michael and Florian, there is both huge skepticism and huge curiosity about AI. They look at how the technology is changing the way enterprises measure and respond to their customers’ emotions and discuss the legal ramifications around consent to use personal data.

With many use cases still at concept stages, how can enterprises take AI to the next level. For example, can IT and HR work together to use AI to promote a better emotional understanding of the workforce? How can employees be convinced that AI can enhance rather than steal their jobs?

Listen to our podcast for practical insight into current use cases and a glimpse into the future of emotional intelligence built on AI.

About the speakers

Dr. Michael Bartl

Michael is the Founder and CEO of TAWNY an emotion AI startup, which argues that the technology should be accessible for everyone and not just reserved for the ‘big guys’. He also built up the innovation company HYVE, creating products for 70% of the German DAX30 companies. Michael is a senator to the Senat der Wirtschaft, and on the advisory committee of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft at the Campus of Senses.

Florian Sommer

Florian is a Senior Manager for Procurement Transformation at Capgemini Invent and led numerous procurement transformation projects in different sectors working with German and international SMEs as well as Fortune 500 companies. In addition to helping his clients to increase their procurement maturity, Florian focuses on new technologies and their possible use cases in procurement and has an interest in sustainable procurement.

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