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Pascal Coolen

Experto en GIS (Geographic Information System)

With 30 years of experience in GIS business, and most of it working for GIS software companies such as Star-Apic and world leader ESRI, I was able to bring my expertise to most large GIS customer, private or not, either during the sales process or consulting services. As Business Unit manager, I added strategic and marketing dimension to my GIS skills, applied to “on the shelf” software products, custom GIS solution and software on demand for utilities (Telco, Water and Wastewater, Power, Gas..).

Pascal Coolen

Mi experiencia

GIS Senior Consultant @ Capgemini


Freelance GIS Consultant @ Management Consulting Company

07/13/2010 to 07/19/2010

Telecom Business Unit Manager @ Management Consulting Company

07/22/2008 to 07/19/2010

Branch Manager @ Information Technology and Services Company

01/08/2006 to 01/07/2008

Consultant Team manager @ Computer Software Company

06/15/1992 to 07/19/2005

Project Manager @ Information Technology and Services Company

07/12/1989 to 07/21/1992

R&D Engineer @ Information Technology and Services Company

05/13/1986 to 05/09/1989