Test Automation Solutions

Capgemini is a leader in providing automated testing services to our global clients.

Test automation is at the core of our testing strategy for digital transformation, extending to end-to-end automation for test ecosystems, in order to sustain agile and DevOps modes of application development lifecycles.

Business Drivers for Test Automation

As per the World Quality Report 2015-16, the average percentage of test case automation has increased from 28% to 45% year-on-year. There are several key shifts in traditional application development programs that are contributing to this increased usage of automated testing:

  • Digital disruption leading to increased pace and frequency of change  in release cycles with short go-to-market timeframes
  • Need for fast, cost effective, first-time-right testing in an increasingly complex business process ecosystem
  • Greater need for traceability, responsiveness, and compliance, with real time analytics dashboards

Test Automation Centre Of Excellence

With a portfolio of test automation services including test automation consulting, our Test Automation Center of Excellence is built on the philosophy that test automation will be a crucial asset in driving down overall testing cost, while also supporting the acceleration of release cycles, so that new application features and functionality can be rolled out faster.

Testing Automation Services:

Capgemini offers a wide spectrum of automated testing services:

  • Test Automation Assessment and ROI Analysis
  • Test Automation tool evaluation and recommendations
  • Test Automation framework implementation
  • Test Automation scripting and execution
  • Automated Regression testing
  • Test Automation for various technologies & platforms – Web / Mainframe / Client Server / Web Services

Benefits Of Test Automation

  • Better detection of defects with a higher level of consistency in test coverage
  • Reduction of the overall testing effort resulting in tangible cost benefits to our clients
  • Multiple iterations of test executions, mitigating the risk of human error
  • Improving testing efficiency, especially critical for digital transformation initiatives

Automated testing is particularly critical for regression testing, where it reduces the cost of the testing delivery, and increases efficiency and testing effectiveness.


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