Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

Your business can realize substantial cost savings through our Strategic Sourcing and Category Management services. Over the last 10 years, we’ve achieved $1 billion in procurement savings and value for our clients through our strong negotiation skills, strong change management skills and procurement transformation know-how.

Driving Bottom-Line Savings through Strategy

We understand that your cost-cutting measures have grown in importance as you deal with the aftermath of the global financial downturn. You expect your procurement organizations to reduce cost and engage with stakeholders to create business value, but often find your capacity and talent constrained.

Leveraging Hands-on Procurement Experience

Relying on the expertise and supplier relationships developed by our global and regional category managers to accelerate the sourcing and implementation of processes, our expertise and process efficiency ensure highly industrialized procurement services.
Our Global Process Model© greatly enables our clients’ success. This standard set of global best-practice processes, industry-specific benchmarks and technology blueprints determines where your procurement function stands and where you can improve.
Contact our experts today to learn how our Strategic Sourcing and Category Management offer can help your business cut costs.


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