SES Platform: End-to-End Smart Metering

Planning, implementing and managing smart metering services is a costly and challenging operation. However, it can deliver significant advantages when done properly. Capgemini’s SES Platform is the only proven end-to-end integrated workflow solution that manages the entire smart metering lifecycle, from program planning and meter rollout to operations and maintenance.

Realizing the Benefits of an Effective Smart Metering Program

SES Platform is a multi-utility, multi-client platform that significantly reduces cost and risk while improving deployment and meter operations. A fully integrated solution, it features one application with seven modules:

Benefits include:

  • Compatibility with various functional and regulatory requirements across geographies
  • High level of transparency, accuracy and meter activations through real-time information and intuitive problem-solving software
  • Flexible, pay-as-you-go service models (as license or software-as-a-service)
  • Customization, with functions that can be activated at any time
  • Pre-configuration and immediate availability
  • Rapid and inexpensive deployment
  • Less capital expenditure, resulting in 65% lower total cost of ownership
  • Rapid scaling up or down
  • A single view of your evolving meter estate
  • Integration with any meter, head-end, master data management system or ERP (including SAP and Oracle) using open architecture

Enabling Smart Metering Efficiency in Real Time

The SES Platform enables real-time dialog between different players in the smart metering community, including:

  • Meter data management systems
  • Customer call centers
  • Utility billing systems

Through this dialog, the SES Platform:

  • Manages the entire lifecycle and traceability of meters (and their components)
  • Manages work order execution
  • Controls material and field service logistics
  • Monitors status and performance remotely
  • Delivers meter values

Depending on your business need, the SES Platform is available as on-demand software, or can be integrated with client systems.

Accelerating and Simplifying Smart Water Meter Rollout and Operations
Based on the SES Platform, Capgemini’s Smart Water Services Platform (SWS Platform) is a unique off-the-shelf solution enabling water utilities to deploy and manage smart water meters. SWS Platform is the only proven integrated workflow engine that manages the entire water metering lifecycle.

Technology Shaped by Years of Smart Metering Experience

The SES Platform benefits from our experience in managing smart meter deployments worldwide. It leverages best practices developed over 10 years working alongside the world’s leading utility companies. Our team has extensive utilities industry experience with an unrivaled track record for successful innovation and delivery.

The SES Platform is one of Capgemini’s Smart Energy Services, a solutions portfolio that has helped:

  • 75 utility clients around the world
  • 113 million customers actively engaged in smart meter programs, including over 23 million smart meters as part of a mass deployment program

Since 2002, the SES Platform’s design has been influenced by our experience in managing smart metering implementations in Sweden, which is Europe’s most mature smart meter market. Today, Capgemini manages more than 25% of Sweden’s total meter estate, with global deployments across Europe and North America.


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