Manufacturing Engineering

Companies are looking at increased level of automation of production systems and integration of enterprise IT systems (ERP, MES, PLM, etc.) to gain competitive advantage.

Capgemini’s Manufacturing services can help fine-tune production as per client’s needs, such as agile or lean production with the just-in-time (JIT/JOT) approach, kanban, mass production or variable batch production

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity through Process Automation

The industrial internet promises a complete convergence of IT systems and machine automation infrastructure. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) brings new attributes to the smart manufacturing and creates a “digital thread,” a data supply chain that runs from a product’s conception through design, to the field and back again (for repair, recycling or remanufacturing) in a closed-loop process. While some manufacturers have taken big strides in aligning their processes and supply chains with new technologies and practices, most companies are still lagging.

Manufacturing Engineering

Capgemini’s Manufacturing Engineering practices is a co-innovation Partner for some of the world’s largest Industrial Conglomerates and Tier one suppliers. Our Manufacturing domain-specific solutions are derived from our ‘Manufacturing-IT’ strategy.

Capgemini provides services across all key aspects of manufacturing, which includes:

  • Merging the real-world production with a virtual prototype environment by using software such as product lifecycle management (PLM);
  • Improving productivity and efficiency through automation and drive technologies;
  • Reducing material handling costs or improving throughput.

We vast “virtual” and “real” shop-floor experience in various production environments to solve customers’ production problems. Our key capabilities include:

  • MES, PLM & ERP integration and delivering efficiencies
  • In-depth technology know-how, including BI/DW, Enterprise Integration, Mobility and Testing
  • Domain centric accelerators and frameworks

Our Services

  • Virtual Manufacturing Simulation
    • Model Based Definition (3D MBD/PMI)
    • Manufacturing Data Management (Process Plans & Work Instructions)
    • Engineering Design automation to configure & design engineered-to-order products
    • Engineering Release 2D/3D PDF and HTML
  • Data Acquisition for Shop floor Control System
    • Site Assessment: Collection of all machine data information required for Machine Connectivity
    • Configure SCADA system to collect equipment data from any control device
    • Establishing communication between SCADA -> Historian -> Cloud
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) implementation
    • Design and deploy equipment-centric, product-centric and people-centric views for operational visibility
    • Automated interface to PLM & ERP systems with industry standard data models, such as S95
    • Web application to create fluid user experience  (UI development
  • Factory Simulation
    • Facility Layout and Material Flow Optimization
    • Assembly Simulation and Validation
    • Robotics Simulation and Programming
    • Logistics and Material Flow Simulation
  • Plant Engineering
    • Piping Engineering
    • Civil & Structural Engineering
    • Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering


  • Condition Monitoring Framework
    The framework will help customers to improve speed, minimize waste, achieve optimal asset usage and drive innovation. It enhances the asset surveillance system while improving operational efficiency. The framework enables the enterprise to visualize asset status, assess equipment degradation state, impending faults and notify alerts as applicable. It also serves as one of the fundamental analytical diagnostics engine for integrating with the asset health management framework.
  • Asset Health Management Framework
    Capgemini’s framework for asset health management decision support systems can be integrated with the organization’s ERP system. The framework is intended to cater a variety of industrial assets. The framework  will  have  automated  processes  to provide  insight  on  tactical (reactive) level  through  Machine Condition Diagnostics  for near real-time asset condition monitoring. It will integrate existing business systems for evaluating asset risk, criticality, consequences of failure and performance information for sustainable and continuous improvement.
  • Predictive Maintenance Framework
    Capgemini’s Predictive Maintenance framework automates maintenance planning process and optimizes the maintenance schedules. The framework brings accurate results without fully depending upon the time consuming manual efforts of maintenance experts. The optimization framework will bring insights to organizational maintenance planning department by minimizing or maximizing cost of repair, asset utilization, fault probability, etc. and enables to meet the regulatory, financial and statutory operating levels.


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