Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Limit the impact of security breaches and identify cyber threats: our Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) helps companies identify and respond to cyber risks.

It collaborates with Security Operations Center teams to establish detection rules and coordinate responses.

Confronting Increasing Cyber Attacks

Escalating numbers of cyber attacks pose significant risks to business. Security breaches targeting key business assets have the potential to impact a company’s bottom line and reputation. Traditional security tools can no longer counter these threats. As such, the contextual analysis of cyber attacks is an essential and strategic activity for informing and protecting our clients.

Surveillance and Response

Our Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) provides a range of services to protect business assets from growing cyber threats and to formulate an appropriate response once threats are identified. We target potential risks specific to each customer’s environment through the following services:

  • Vulnerability and cyber threat monitoring
  • Threat intelligence:
    • research, analysis and data correlation
    • threat information exploitation
    • maintaining an evolving Indicators of Compromise (IoC) knowledge base
    • Incident response
  • Forensics and digital investigation
  • Malware analysis

Cybersecurity at the heart of transformation

We help clients in a broad range of industries prevent cyber attacks and react rapidly to any identified threat. Our CERT is part of a security ecosystem of R&D, Security Operations Centers, pentesting, and security governance. We apply crime investigation methodology to cybersecurity, drawing on the skill of our IT and incident investigation experts. Threat alerts are shared via a malware submission portal, and our malware analysis and extraction of IoCs improves detection and incident response.

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