Basel III Compliance Services

Capgemini provides an end-to-end holistic view and domain expertise to help firms go beyond minimum requirements and exceed shareholder expectations while avoiding costly mistakes

Compliance challenges

With the introduction of the Basel III U.S. Final Rule, risk-related compliance and regulatory issues are once again at the forefront. Banks have already spent a significant amount of capital on Basel II compliance, and the same is expected with regard to Basel III. This cost increases if other regulations, such as Dodd-Frank (DFAST, CCAR) and Sarbanes-Oxley are included. Fulfilling regulatory expectations also brings many challenges, including data, technology, modeling, and compliance challenges.

Strong foundation

Gain a strong foundation to meet your Basel III needs

Our deep business knowledge of Basel III and experience with numerous implementations has allowed us to build tools that can help you jumpstart your Basel III initiative:

  • Basel III Business Requirements help you translate complex risk regulations into actionable items. Our Basel II vs. Basel III U.S. Final Rule text comparison can help you refine your business requirement, create test cases, and identify gaps.
  • Basel III Reference Architecture provides a template to identify, design, and implement all aspects of a Basel III solution, including data collection, aggregation, and integration, as well as customer management, product management, and enterprise services.

In addition to our Basel III services, Capgemini delivers related services to help banks build an end-to-end solution:

  • Data Quality and Data Governance Frameworks provide clients with a proven data quality scoring methodology to measure and evaluate key risk indicators.
  • Metadata Framework helps you gain data consistency and transparency from source systems to final reporting.
  • Data Analysis Framework provides expedited profiling and quality checks on critical data elements and includes template reports for validation.
  • Risk Model Development services leverage our profound knowledge of risk drivers and modeling techniques to help financial institutions meet their risk management goals.
  • Model Validation templates and guidelines include methods and algorithms designed to help you maintain your credit scoring tools at a low and affordable cost.
  • Our Stress Testing solution allows you to identify problems in your portfolios by assessing the impact of volatile market conditions across exposure categories.
  • Reporting & Analytics templates allow you to access real world reports and select those that best meet your needs.

Deep compliance expertise

Let Capgemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment help you get the most from your Basel III compliance

Our patented facilitation environment and process, fused with deep financial services consulting and technology expertise, provide a powerful approach to convert compliance into competitive advantage. We have also built valuable relationships with banking regulators both within and outside the U.S. This uniquely positions Capgemini to guide you through the supervisory examination process.

By using our global experience of implementing over 100 Basel I, II, and III programs, we can help you avoid costly mistakes. Capgemini leverages our existing intellectual property, including requirements, reference data models, template scorecards, report templates, and other accelerators to reduce your timeline to achieve compliance.

Our collaboration with you can enhance your business processes, leading to improved returns, better pricing, reduced charge-offs, more automated reporting, and more effective portfolio management.

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