Asset Administration

Asset administration is critical for investment management firms. Administrators are increasingly challenged to provide additional middle office functions, including performance reporting and attribution analysis, risk monitoring and compliance reporting.

Traditionally, asset administration services have been provided by specialist third parties. In recent years, custodians and prime brokers have taken on key administrative functions such as portfolio accounting, shareholder servicing, compliance and reporting.

Today, asset administrators must:

  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Support alternative investment needs including complex fund structures, credit derivatives and real estate
  • Contend with portfolio acquisitions and mergers
  • Manage reference data
  • Provide flexible reporting

At Capgemini, we work with clients and product companies to create solutions that meet their unique business needs.

Our Asset Administration Solutions

As an experienced partner, we offer deep knowledge of market-leading fund accounting systems like InvestOne, IMpower, InvesTier, XAMIN, MFACT, NTAS and Netik InterView.

Our suite of asset administration tools enables you to:

  • Analyze your IT applications and create a legacy modernization roadmap for your organization. We can help you with key “build versus buy” decisions as well as package selection and integration
  • Transform your legacy applications and build a flexible and responsive IT infrastructure with business process reengineering and Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Respond swiftly to workflow interruptions using “exception handling”, and implement straight through processing
  • Manage shared client information and performance metrics with enterprise-wide data architecture
  • Address regulatory requirements by creating compliance dashboards and integrating fair valuation practices into your portfolio valuation
  • Transfer portfolio data to integrate acquired portfolios and create a seamless operating environment
  • Increase operational efficiency with dynamic desktops and enhanced enterprise reporting
  • Reduce operational costs by outsourcing fund accounting, fund administration and investor services processes. Our well-trained team will help you reduce cyclical workload and improve efficiency


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